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Sintronic Air Conditioning Cleaning ServiceOur experienced team guarantees customer satisfaction.

We also use the Japanese formula No. 115 "Active Environmental Protection Freeze Cleaner" to provide deep cleaning effect to our customers' air conditioners. No. 115 has alkaline effect and is non-corrosive to glossy tiles, solid wood floors, marble flooring, etc. The cleaning agent is injected into the air conditioning fins by a pressure injection process using a pressurized bottle for deep cleaning.

Professional maintenance and cleaning equipment

In order to ensure the quality of our services, we use professional equipment:

  • Kärcher K2.420 Cleaning - High-pressure water nozzles for air conditioning
  • Kärcher Germany K2.420 High-pressure water gun for air conditioning
  • "Kärcher alkaline cleaning solution (no damage to floor tiles and wooden furniture)
  • One-piece air conditioning cleaning bag

Our Team

We are committed to providing comprehensive engineering services to different customers and provide regular in-house training to enhance the skills of our frontline colleagues to prepare for each service.

Meanwhile, Centron combines the convenience of online ordering, electronic payment, and a regional fleet to provide one-stop air conditioning cleaning, maintenance, and electrical services, in order to provide customers with reliable and efficient engineering services.

Japanese formula cleaning potion

We use No.115 "Active Environmental Protection Freeze Cleaner" formulated in Japan to provide deep cleaning effect to our customers' air conditioners. No.115 is alkaline in nature and has a non-corrosive effect on glossy tiles, solid wood floors, marble flooring, etc.

The cleaning agent is injected into the air conditioning fins by a pressure injection process using a pressurized bottle for deep cleaning.

Professional and reliable repair service

One-stop cleaning, repair and installation services in cooperation with major local home furnishing platforms

  • We are also an accredited contractor and provide up to 8 weeks service warranty
  • We provide service receipts for customer's record and contact after service completion
  • We have a coordination center to provide follow-up and consultation services to our customers.

Cleaning procedure

Functional test before cleaning

Conduct a general function test before cleaning to ensure the air conditioner is running properly.

Dismantling equipment and laying protection

Remove the air conditioner cover and casing, and lay down the required temporary protection paper.

Spraying solutuion

Injection of Japanese formulated frozen fin cleaning solution.

High Pressure Hydraulic Cleaning

Use a high-pressure water gun to rinse the air conditioning fins with a strong water pressure of not less than 80 bar.

Restore the original body

After the cleaning is completed, the fuselage is returned to its original state and the temporary protection around it is removed.

Functionality test after cleaning

The work is completed and the corresponding post-cleaning inspection is carried out according to the service order.

Value Added Services

In addition to air conditioner cleaning service, we also offer a higher level of deep steam cleaning service for customers with higher requirements, such as medical institutions, elderly homes and hotels.

Use of all-natural solutions

We offer all-natural solutions for customers to choose from

Multi-Enzyme coil Cleaner is made in Australia and is an all-natural cleaning solution. Not only does it provide efficient and thorough cleaning, but it also does not harm the environment, making it ideal for customers with high environmental requirements and providing further comprehensive protection.

It is suitable for deep cleaning of air-conditioning systems in medical institutions, hotels, elderly homes and restaurants.

High Temperature Steam Cleaning Service

Pneumonia is rampant, and in order to deal with the threat of viruses, we provide specialized air conditioning cleaning services, using high temperature steam up to 120 degrees Celsius to clean the air conditioner.

Unlike traditional flushing cleaning, high temperature steam cleaning not only has high pressure rinsing, but also uses high temperature gas to infiltrate and kill bacteria and viruses, which is more effective than traditional high pressure cleaning in removing dirt and viruses.

  1. Residential wall-mounted split air conditioner cleaning service (indoor air conditioner) is provided by our technicians at the customer’s home.

  2. If the technician decides that the air conditioner is not suitable for cleaning/steaming after inspection, or the customer refuses to clean/steam the air conditioner temporarily, we will charge an attendance fee of HK$150 per air conditioner.

  3. Customers are required to handle the removal/installation of decoration items that may block the air conditioner cleaning work and all related costs. If the air conditioner is blocked from being cleaned/steamed, we will charge an attendance fee of HK$150 per air conditioner.

  4. Cleaning service for residential wall-mounted split air conditioners (indoor units) does not include cleaning of the radiator, repair service or other service charges for split air conditioners.

  5. For residential wall-mounted split air conditioner cleaning service (indoor air conditioner), it is only applicable to residential units and air conditioners with 3 hp or less installed less than 3 meters above the floor, if the air conditioner is installed in a non-residential building or higher than 3 meters, we will quote separately.

  6. To enjoy the “Simultaneous Cleaning Offer”, the service must be performed at the same location and at the same time, and the actual charge will be calculated based on the actual number of units to be cleaned and the corresponding price. Please refer to “Latest Promotion” on our website for the service charge of “Simultaneous Cleaning of Multiple Air Conditioners”.

  7. Please refer to the “Air Conditioner Cleaning Service” on our website for details of the cleaning procedure for wall-mounted split type air conditioner cleaning/steaming service. The cleaning procedure will be adjusted according to the environmental factors on site.

  8. The above rates are not applicable to outlying island areas (except Tung Chung and Discovery Bay).
    Remote areas and restricted areas are subject to a “Remote Areas and Restricted Areas Service Surcharge” of HK$370 per visit.

  9. Discovery Bay is subject to an additional HK$300 service charge and car tunnel toll per trip.

  10. Under adverse weather conditions, e.g. black/red rainstorm or thunderstorm warning, the cleaning service will be suspended and the scheduled appointment time will be affected and delayed. If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, all services will be cancelled. We will contact the affected customers as soon as possible after the warning signal is lowered to make service arrangements.

  11. The decision to accept cleaning or not is final.

  12. In case of any dispute, Centron Equipment reserves the right of final decision.

Sintronic Air Conditioning Cleaning Service

Sintronic’s efficient and fast air conditioning cleaning service provides comprehensive disinfection for your air conditioner and protects the health of your family.

*If you need to repair 10 or more air conditioners, please contact customer service in advance to confirm, otherwise we may not be able to complete the service within the specified time.

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