Air Conditioning
Engineering Services

Sintronic provides one-stop professional air conditioning installation and maintenance services, in order to provide comprehensive air conditioning services to our customers and keep them in the summer cool. Including general home, store and office air conditioning repair, installation and removal of air conditioners services.

**Corporate Cooperation/Commercial Cooperation please email to [email protected]

Our Clients

We provide air conditioning maintenance and cleaning services to major local public institutions. Our clients include public hospitals, large passenger transport companies, primary and secondary schools, large restaurants, household customers and various small and medium-sized enterprises.

Sintronic Service Commitment
Our pursuit of quality

We are committed to integrating innovative technologies into traditional engineering, providing engineering services in Hong Kong, locally and in the Greater Bay Area, including electrical and mechanical design, construction, maintenance and energy conservation of building services. We are committed to "solving problems with technology" and "operating with innovative technology at the core". We have a team of professional project planners who are enthusiastic and innovative in pursuing to exceed our clients' expectations to realize different small and medium-sized projects and programs.

We undertake the following professional services

Air conditioner is not cold enough, dripping, noisy? Or do you want a new air conditioner? Get a Centron air-conditioning engineer to inspect and repair your air conditioner immediately. We provide one-stop service, from inspection and repair to dismantling and installation, and even collection service.

Air Conditioning Installation Service

Our services include supply, installation and maintenance of general purpose commercial and domestic split air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Installation Service

In order to take full care of our customers' needs, we also provide comprehensive air conditioning installation and collection services, including

  • Ducted air conditioning installation (commonly used in single house or single building)
  • Window unit, home split unit installation
  • Harmonica unit, four-sided commercial split unit installation
  • Multi-unit home air conditioning system (commonly used in commercial offices or detached houses)

Demolition and Maintenance

In order to take full care of our customers' needs, we also provide comprehensive air conditioning repair and recovery services:

  • Inspection of air-conditioning system problems
  • Removal of existing air conditioners and air conditioning systems
  • Recovery of snow or refilling of snow

Project Case

Air Conditioning Repair Service

We provide on-site repair services, including emergency air conditioning repair, general operation inspection services and parts replacement, etc.

Air Conditioning Repair Service

We provide on-site repair services, including:

  • Emergency air conditioning repair, general operation inspection services
  • Air-conditioning troubleshooting, performance inspection
  • Replacement of parts and refilling of refrigerant

Air Conditioning Parts Replacement

According to the customer's needs, we also provide parts replacement service, such as

  • Snow pipe insulation, shock pad replacement
  • Radiator hose replacement
  • Order designated Loxson air conditioner parts (our company is one of the designated Shun Hing parts distributors)

Professional maintenance of equipment

In order to ensure the quality of our services, we use professional equipment:

  • Kärcher K2.420 High-pressure water gun for air conditioning cleaning
  • Kärcher Germany Kärcher Power Suction Machine
  • BP XP115 Rotary vacuum pump
  • Anemometer and Humidity Meter

Order Process

In just 4 steps, you can place your order online on this platform. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the air conditioning professionals to come to your home for cleaning.

1. Online order

You can book your air conditioning service in our online system or contact our customer service officer via Whatapps to place your order and our customer service officer will respond to your call immediately.

2. Confirm order content

Our customer service representative will confirm the customer's order at Whatapp. Simply follow the instructions of the customer service representative, confirm the number of air conditioners to be cleaned, the location, and the day of the cleaning, and the customer service representative will take care of the order for you.

3. Complete order appointment

After completing the above order process, customers only need to pay 10% deposit in advance, and our engineers will call you to confirm the order before shipping.

4. Technician visit

After completing the order, you only need to wait for our technician to come to your home for the service, the cost will be paid in cash / electronically after the cleaning is completed.

Work details

  • The quotation is valid within 7 days.

  • If you need to clean the outdoor unit (radiator), you should apply to the building in advance and put up the suspended working platform on the same day to avoid the cleaning of the air conditioner. We reserve the right to refuse to provide cleaning service if the radiator is not allowed to be cleaned and under unsafe conditions.

  • If it is not suitable for cleaning after professional judgment (e.g. the air conditioner is too old, the parts are too worn out and not suitable for cleaning, etc.), the technician has the right to refuse to provide the service.

  1. Residential wall-mounted split air conditioner cleaning service (indoor air conditioner) is provided by our technicians at the customer’s home.

  2. If the technician decides that the air conditioner is not suitable for cleaning/steaming after inspection, or the customer refuses to clean/steam the air conditioner temporarily, we will charge an attendance fee of HK$150 per air conditioner.

  3. Customers are required to handle the removal/installation of decoration items that may block the air conditioner cleaning work and all related costs. If the air conditioner is blocked from being cleaned/steamed, we will charge an attendance fee of HK$150 per air conditioner.

  4. Cleaning service for residential wall-mounted split air conditioners (indoor units) does not include cleaning of the radiator, repair service or other service charges for split air conditioners.

  5. For residential wall-mounted split air conditioner cleaning service (indoor air conditioner), it is only applicable to residential units and air conditioners with 3 hp or less installed less than 3 meters above the floor, if the air conditioner is installed in a non-residential building or higher than 3 meters, we will quote separately.

  6. To enjoy the “Simultaneous Cleaning Offer”, the service must be performed at the same location and at the same time, and the actual charge will be calculated based on the actual number of units to be cleaned and the corresponding price. Please refer to “Latest Promotion” on our website for the service charge of “Simultaneous Cleaning of Multiple Air Conditioners”.

  7. Please refer to the “Air Conditioner Cleaning Service” on our website for details of the cleaning procedure for wall-mounted split type air conditioner cleaning/steaming service. The cleaning procedure will be adjusted according to the environmental factors on site.

  8. The above rates are not applicable to outlying island areas (except Tung Chung and Discovery Bay).
    Remote areas and restricted areas are subject to a “Remote Areas and Restricted Areas Service Surcharge” of HK$370 per visit.

  9. Discovery Bay is subject to an additional HK$300 service charge and car tunnel toll per trip.

  10. Under adverse weather conditions, e.g. black/red rainstorm or thunderstorm warning, the cleaning service will be suspended and the scheduled appointment time will be affected and delayed. If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, all services will be cancelled. We will contact the affected customers as soon as possible after the warning signal is lowered to make service arrangements.

  11. The decision to accept cleaning or not is final.

  12. In case of any dispute, Centron Equipment reserves the right of final decision.