Air Conditioning Service

Sintronic Air Conditioning provides one-stop professional air conditioning cleaning, installation and maintenance services. We are a public registered contractor and provide services from large central air conditioning to small home air conditioning projects. With our excellent technology, we strive to provide comprehensive and quality air conditioning services to our customers, keeping them warm and cool all the time. Our team provides comprehensive and friendly services to both business and residential customers with transparent and affordable prices, efficient workmanship and technology throughout Hong Kong.

Why Choose us

We are a government registered contractor. We have training facilities and our team is trained in-house to meet the company's and CIC's mid-worker requirements in order to provide professional and reliable air conditioning cleaning services to our customers.

Full disinfection to protect the health of your family

The air conditioner is cleaned with pressurized steam at a temperature of up to 100 degrees, and the interior is thoroughly steam cleaned to eliminate the source of disease.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to bringing a better and more intimate experience to people, and we rely on the professional services of all our staff to achieve a good reputation.

Efficient and fast service

Our fleet of vehicles travels throughout the territory, providing the most comprehensive and personal service to our guests with transparent, affordable prices and efficient and fast cleaning techniques.

Peace of mind

Each time the technician will do pre-testing and use professional protective measures before the on-site service, so that you can have more peace of mind.

Our Clients

We provide air conditioning maintenance and cleaning services to major local public institutions. Our clients include public hospitals, large passenger transport companies, primary and secondary schools, large restaurants, household customers and various small and medium-sized enterprises.

Professional air conditioning cleaning, so that the family away from the invisible pollution

Why do I need to clean my air conditioner regularly?

Air conditioners are used for a long time, and if they are not cleaned for a long time, it will encourage mites and bacteria to multiply, and even mold and produce odor. Regular air conditioner cleaning can remove mold and mildew, enhance the cooling effect, reduce noise, and save electricity while protecting the health of your family and employees.

High temperature steam spraying service

We also provide specialized air conditioner cleaning services, using high temperature steam up to 120 degrees Celsius to clean the air conditioner. The high temperature steam is pervasive and can penetrate into the air conditioner using a pressurized spray gun to thoroughly steam clean the interior.

Unlike traditional flushing cleaning, high temperature steam cleaning not only has high pressure rinsing, but also uses high temperature gas to infiltrate and kill bacteria and viruses, which is more effective than traditional high pressure cleaning in removing dirt and viruses.


Sintronic was founded in 2018.


We are a registered government contractor and hold more than five professional licenses.


More than a dozen different professional services to suit your needs.


Over 3,000 field service visits per year.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Service

We provide one-stop professional air conditioning cleaning services to provide comprehensive air conditioning cleaning services to our customers and keep them in the summer cool. This includes domestic air conditioning cleaning services, commercial air conditioning cleaning services, split type air conditioning services, and home electrical installation maintenance services. From pre-cleaning function test, dismantling equipment and laying protection, spraying medicine, high-pressure hydraulic cleaning, restoring the body, to post-cleaning function test are all included.

Professional service, professional equipment

To ensure the quality of our services, we use the best equipment in the industry, including Kärcher, a leading cleaning equipment company from Germany.

✔ Kärcher Germany K2.420 High-pressure water gun for cleaning air conditioners

✔ Kärcher Germany Gaucher strong suction machine

✔ "Kärcher" brand alkaline cleaning solution (no damage to floor tiles and wooden furniture)

✔ One-piece air conditioner cleaning bag

Made in Australia with odorless natural detergent (additional service)

Multi-Enzyme coil Cleaner is made in Australia and is an all-natural cleaning solution. It not only provides efficient and thorough cleaning, but also does not harm to the environment, which is very suitable for customers with higher environmental requirements and provides more comprehensive protection.

✔ Suitable for deep cleaning of air-conditioning systems in medical institutions, hotels, elderly homes and eateries.

Thorough cleaning and disinfection with high pressure steam (additional service)

Unlike traditional water rinsing, high-temperature steam cleaning not only has high pressure rinsing, but also uses high-temperature gas for sterilization and disinfection, which is more effective than traditional high-pressure cleaning in removing dirt and viruses.

✔ Use 120 degree high temperature steam to clean the air conditioner

✔ Use pressurized steam spray gun for color

✔ More effective anti-bacteria and sterilization

✔ Thoroughly steam clean the inside of the air conditioner

Pioneer Air Conditioning Services

We provide one-stop professional air conditioning installation and repair services, in order to provide comprehensive air conditioning services to our customers and keep them in the summer cool. This includes general home, store and office air conditioning repair, installation and removal services.

Professional and reliable repair service

Please contact us to get an air conditioning installation quote or air conditioning project quote from our air conditioning technicians for reference.

✔ Air conditioning repair - cooling problems

✔ Water leak problem (air conditioner drip repair)

✔ Other problems (such as noise / can not start / slow air supply)

✔ Air conditioner emergency repair, general operation inspection service

✔ Air conditioner troubleshooting, performance inspection

✔ Parts replacement and refrigerant refilling

Air Conditioning Parts Replacement

We also provide parts replacement service according to the customer's needs.

✔Snow pipe insulation, shock pad replacement

✔Replacement of radiator duct

✔Order designated Loxson air conditioner parts (our company is one of Shun Hing's designated parts distributors)

✔Other parts replacement

Air conditioning installation, removal and maintenance

If you want to install a split type air conditioner, it is best to consult with an air conditioner installer first. In order to take full care of our customers' needs, we also provide full air conditioning installation and collection services.

✔Air-conditioning installation/visit

✔Ducted air conditioning installation (commonly used in detached houses or single building)

✔Window machine, home split machine installation

✔Harmonica machine, four-sided commercial split unit installation

✔Multiple home air conditioning system (commonly used in commercial offices or detached houses)

✔Examine air conditioning system problems

✔Removal of existing air conditioners and air conditioning systems

✔Recycle snow or refill snow


Established in early 2018, we are an engineering company consisting of engineers, quantity surveyors and technicians, as well as a government registered electrical contractor, committed to integrating innovative technology into traditional engineering. We provide comprehensive engineering services from Hong Kong to Macau, including E&M design, construction, maintenance and renewable energy equipment for buildings and equipment. Centron E&M has always emphasized the concept of “solving problems with technology”. We have a team of professional project planners with a passionate and innovative attitude to exceed the expectations of our customers and to realize different small and medium-sized projects.

Our business includes the design, construction and maintenance of various electrical and mechanical systems, including air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, power supply, fire safety, water supply and drainage systems and extra low voltage electrical equipment, for buildings ranging from government buildings, private shopping malls and residential properties. In addition, we also provide consultancy services and installation of renewable energy equipment, including calculating the payback period, installation planning and after-sales maintenance, specializing in providing one-stop renewable energy equipment engineering solutions for stand-alone homes, vacant land or rooftops of industrial buildings.

Customer Testimonials

Washed very clean, finally no some moldy smell, and the original air conditioner on the first hand installation is loose, the master also helped me to install a good, on time and courteous, very professional. Thank you, I look forward to working with you again!

On time, cleaning seriously, all the tools, attitude has good, originally thought that after cleaning themselves and do a big cleaning, the original good enterprise reason, worth recommending.

Service staff professional and careful, customer questions are also very patient to answer one by one, so careful, washing machine process will produce sewage, but the master package protective film wrapped well, good clean, praise 👍 will buy service again

Although the air conditioner was not cleaned in the end. But the master gave me good professional advice. Reduce unnecessary expenses. Honest and reliable company. The choice of conscience! I wish you a prosperous business.

The teacher cleaned the air conditioner very seriously and helped me find out the cause of the water leak in the air conditioner during the cleaning process. Thank you!

Very satisfied, fast hands focus, with explanation and technical communication, clean good clean, on time attitude good, recommended!

Service is very punctual, clean and careful, serious and responsible! Efficiency is very high very satisfied with the opportunity to help again!

Very satisfied with 👍🏻 professionalhighly recommended, masters personal are good hospitality.

Very courteous, handles the air conditioner carefully and has patience to explain.

Vvery careful in cleaning, after work also do a good job. I will come back to you next time!

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Our Story

Established in early 2018, we are an engineering company with a team of engineers, quantity surveyors and technical staff, and a registered government electrical contractor. Our business includes design, construction and maintenance of various electrical and mechanical systems, including air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, power supply, fire safety, water supply and drainage systems, etc.

Our pursuit of quality and commitment

We are committed to integrating innovative technologies into traditional engineering, providing engineering services in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, including electrical and mechanical design, construction, maintenance and energy saving of building services.

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Centron Air Conditioning Services is composed of front-line technicians, engineers and quantity surveyors. We place great emphasis on teamwork, people-oriented and sustainable development, in order to build the core spirit of our construction team.