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Sintronic Air Conditioning provides one-stop professional air conditioning cleaning, installation and repair services, in order to provide comprehensive air conditioning services for our guests and keep them in the summer cool. Our team travels around the territory, providing the most comprehensive and friendly services to our customers with transparent and affordable prices and efficient cleaning techniques.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Service

- Domestic Air Conditioning Cleaning

- Air Conditioning Cleaning for Schools and Commercial Buildings

- Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

- Central Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Air Conditioning Installation Service

We offer a wide range of air conditioning installation services, which include

Duct Type Air Conditioning Installation (commonly used in single house or single building)

Window unit, home split unit installation

Harmonica unit, four-sided commercial split unit installation

Multi-unit home air conditioning system (commonly used in commercial offices or detached houses)

Air Conditioning Removal and Repair

In order to take full care of our customers' needs, we also provide comprehensive air conditioning repair and recovery services:

Inspection of air-conditioning system problems

Removal of existing air conditioners and air conditioning systems

Recovery of snow or refilling of snow

Our clients

We provide air conditioning maintenance and cleaning services to major local public institutions. Our clients include public hospitals, large passenger transport companies, primary and secondary schools, large restaurants, household customers and various small and medium-sized enterprises.